Monday, May 28, 2012

The Sweet Life: What's on the Menu?

Have you all had a good week?
We had a very nice week getting over our jet lag and getting back into the swing of "normal".

We had a bunny building a nest (whatever a bunny home is called) in our back yard this week.
Belle sat at the window and watched for what felt like hours.
We have had so much fun looking for the bunny every morning.
Is there anything cuter than this picture of B showing the bunny her bunny?

Mark had a quick business trip to New Orleans the day after we returned from London.
No rest for the weary....
I usually try to tag along with him to New Orleans but it was just too much after being out of the country.
He doesn't travel a ton, but always tries to bring back a little something special for B.
This was by far the most elaborate but fun treat so far.

I worked this week and had a really funny delivery.
It is nice to have those nights in order to remind you why you do what you do!
Labor and delivery is a lot of fun when things are going good, but when the tough stuff happens it can be the worst job in the world.
All in all, I feel so blessed to be able to work at the nation's busiest delivery hospital and be a part of a team of excellence.

Friday night we packed up a picnic and headed up to the barn to hang out with Mark while he practiced.
Belle discovered dandelions and had the best time hunting for them across the hill.

She is just stunning to me (even though I am completely biased).

While we played, Mark was busy practicing.

Belle even got a short ride on Mr. Big.
He was in a feisty mood and just wanted to head back to the barn, but he obliged and gave her a quick ride around.
Mark even helped her with learning to steer the horse.

Saturday we got up and ventured over to Dutch Monkey Doughnuts.
I have been wanting to try it out for what seems like forever, and the timing was finally right.
Mark and Belle stuck with the classics of chocolate glazed yeast doughnut with sprinkles, but I branched out and had a salted caramel yeast doughnut bar.
It was as phenomenal as it looks.

We spent the rest of the weekend hanging out and enjoying quality family time.
I was able to knock out several adorable embroidery projects.
I can't show all the projects because some are gifts, but I LOVE this whimsical half wiener dog shirt.
I have pants to make that will match the shirt and create a fun outfit.

I am heading into this coming week having to pack to be away for two weeks.
Don't fret....there are blog posts pre-written and ready for you all to enjoy while I am away.
I will leave this coming Saturday for a week in Guatemala serving with Health Talents.
I am excited but nervous at the same time and would appreciate your prayers.
I return the following Saturday, change planes, and fly down to meet up with my family for a week at the beach.
What a blessing to wrap up a week of work with a week on the gulf with my family.

Monday: Memorial Day Grill Out with Friends - I am making a quick and easy berry cobbler.
Tuesday: Oven Fried Chicken Parmesan with Tossed Salad
Wednesday: Sweet and Sour Pork Tenderloin, Boursin Cheese Potatoes, and Steamed Broccoli
Thursday: Pizza Rolls, Fresh Fruit Salad, and Vegetable Crudite
Friday: Out to Eat
Saturday: I'll be in Guatemala

Monday: Weekly Menu
Tuesday: Unbundled Green Beans (you don't want to miss this one)
Wednesday: You're Already Amazing Chapter 5
Thursday: Baked KFC Chicken Tenders
Friday: Summer Bucket List: Cupcake Making

Don't forget to check out all the fun we had in London.

What are you guys up to this week?

I want to hear from YOU! What recipes, tutorials or projects would you like to see next week?

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  1. LOVE the pictures of Belle, especially the one of her blowing the dandelion. She IS incredibly stunning (inside and out!).