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The Sweet Life: Bloom Book Club: You're Already Amazing Chapter Four

Chapter Four: Why Do I Feel This Way?

Chapter Four Video

Chapter Four is a journey through our emotions and how they prove that we truly are already amazing.

This chapter made me rethink my emotions and the role they play by shedding light on the fact that "our emotions are gifts from God" and they "help us process everything we experience". It helped me analyze whether I approach my emotions with my head or my heart, and what the vulnerabilities and strengths are with each. It then helped me to examine whether I allow the emotions to rule my heart or whether I turn to God in the face of overwhelming emotions.

My favorite Chapter Four Quotes

"Our emotions display our hearts - our beautiful, broken, blessed, glorious hearts."

"There's something about recognizing our quirks and differences that brings us joy. I believe it does the same for God. After all, he's the One who created them."

"Emotions make great messengers but bad bosses...we listen to what the messenger has to share with us, then turn to our heavenly Father and ask. 'What do you want me to do?'"

"Emotion says: nobody cares. Truth says: Jesus cares for me.
Emotions says: I'm angry and will show her! Truth says: be angry and sin not.
Emotion says: I'm afraid to hear the doctor's report. Truth says: fear not, for I am with you.
Emotion says: I can't do this anymore. Truth says: My grace is sufficient."

"God, the ultimate designer, has custom created an emotional wardrobe for you. And it's beautiful. It's also essential to accomplishing His purpose for your life."

"We all have a point at which we have to choose which evidence to believe. Do we rely on our emotions alone? Or do we look into God's truth and let Him tell us what's real?....Faith is more important than emotion...At the end of the day, we've got to listen to and follow God's Spirit more than our own hearts. He's the ultimate reality check."

"God made you an emotional being. That's a beautiful, powerful, glorious thing. After all, the reason we have emotions is because God has them too. We read in the Bible about Him feeling everything from anger to sadness to joy. We have the capacity to reflect Him through our emotions because we're created in His image - every part of us."

All quotes from: You're Already Amazing by Holley Gerth.

What has been your favorite part of the book so far (even if you are actually on track with the reading schedule)?

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