Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Deep South DIY: Favorite Applique Sites

I bought my first embroidery machine last fall as a birthday-anniversary-Christmas present.
I had been sewing for many years and was ready to add to my skills.
In all honesty, my machine sat for awhile with very little use as I was intimidated as can be.
I started with small embroidery projects and questioned the ears off of others I knew with embroidery expertise.

I quickly learned that embroidery wasn't as much my niche as applique.
I came across some wonderful tutorials thanks to Rosemary at Applique Cafe.
She gave me the complete confidence to step out and give it a go and I have since fallen in love!

I am in the process of developing a small business with a hopeful launch of mid-July.
It is such an exciting and scary time for me, but I have really found a passion.
I hope if any of you readers are nervous to jump into applique you will email me and let me give you the confidence for applique.

I have not had the chance to test designs from all of my favorite sites but I will say they are very talented digitizers. I had the opportunity to meet many of them face-to-face at the Everything Applique Conference.
Being able to meet them made me love their work even more!

Applique Cafe

I also love but haven't sampled...
Planet Applique (thanks to Alicia for introducing me)
and I am in love with these hooded towel sets from Applique Corner.

What are some things you have DIY'ed lately?

Ever have questions or want to request a recipe or tutorial, comment or email me at deepsouthsweets@gmail.com. You can also visit Deep South Sweets on Facebook or follow me on Pinterest!

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