Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Deep South Party: Backyard Barbecue Finds

I absolutely love a great backyard barbecue.
The casualness and ability to just "hang out" cannot be topped.
There are very few weekend nights during the spring and summer where you cannot find us eating dinner on the patio,
Letting Belle run and play free,
And soaking up the sun and fresh air.

Here are a few of my favorite backyard barbecue pins floating around...

1. What a fantastic way to keep your salads bug-free. I will definitely be using this to make sure we can enjoy our meal without extra "guests".
2. I love these Slide Skewers from Williams-Sonoma. They make enjoying kabobs so much easier. (or as some people say "kay-bobs" - wink wink).
3. How fun would it be to set up a smores' bar?
4. I am all about buffalo check right now and these plates are too cute to pass up. The melamine is an added bonus so no plates will be shattered by the end of the night.
5. What an awesome way to keep drinks cool! Fill up the wagon or a wheelbarrow with ice and enjoy!
6 & 7. You have to keep the kids happily entertained and backyard bowling and getting to paint outdoors as messy as they want sounds perfect!

Not sure what to grill...
Try some of my favorites:
You can even grill some Sour Cream Pound Cake and chop with fresh fruit!

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