Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Sweet Life: Spring Break Fun

With spring break for our area starting at the end of this week,
I have perused Pinterest for non-everyday fun.
While we will spend most of the time building sand castles and swimming,
There is always the chance of a rainy day needing some fun new activities.

Whether travelling or staying at home, 
There is a plethora of spectacular fun for you and your kids.

Outdoor Fun
1. Pull out some odds and ends from your garage for an awesome backyard obstacle course.
2. A little extreme but AWESOME. Your very own backyard "blob".
3. Take a night and have a backyard campout with the whole family.
4. Don't worry about making a mess with back porch finger and foot painting.
5. Freeze some little trinket toys in water and have fun excavating.
6. Win major parent points by building an incredible car wash for bikes, trikes, and even little tikes!

Indoor Fun
1. Involve your kids in the ideas for fun with a big spring break to-do list.
2. Have a little meal time fun with food painting.
3. What is better for a rainy spring break day than a drive-in movie complete with cars?
4. Build a table fort and have a day of reading and pretend.
5. Are these blow paint monsters not the cutest thing?
6. Grab a cheap tension rod and old sheet for a doorway puppet show.

What have you pinned for spring break fun?

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