Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Deep South Words to Live By: February

How did you all do with your January Words to Live By?
I found the verse so applicable to many days in my life this past month.
It was nice to have encouragement from the Word at all times!

Belle did a great job on her verse and I am so proud of her!

(turn the volume up - she was a little soft spoken that morning which is very rare)

When it came time to choose a verse for February,
I knew I wanted a verse about love.
As cheesy as that is, I really was seeking a verse about our love for one another.

I hope that this verse will help me grow in my approach to genuine love for others.
Grab this, print it out and tape it up where you can see it all month long!

How have these verses helped you?

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  1. Nice job, Belle! I love hearing her sweet little voice. This is a great idea, Rach - I have the new verse printed out and taped to our mirror.