Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Southern Belle: Tips n Tricks

So a few weeks ago I went to Wichita to see a good friend from college. We had so much fun girl time, and she treated me to a wonderful pedicure including hot stone massage. I love going for different nail polishes so I chose  OPI's glitter polish (can't remember the name). It looked a little like this but on my toes...

This pedicure lasted FOREVER. The color and sparkle was awesome - like a little party on my toes every time I looked down. Problem is I was ready to take it off this week and the polish would. not. budge. I scrubbed and scrubbed and nothing. I am now glad to be able to share this "Tip n Trick" with you girls for getting glitter polish off easy breezy style.

1. Soak one cotton ball in nail polish remover for each nail.
2. Place one cotton ball on the nail, press and wrap in a small sheet of aluminum foil.
3. Repeat for additional nails.
4. Leave foil and cotton balls in place for 5 minutes - yes set a timer.
5. Remove foil and glitter polish will wipe off as if the remover soaked cotton ball was saying "Take that"
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  1. Glitterady! sp? Glad it finally came off. I still have beautiful flowers on mine :)