Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Southern Manual: April Edition

Hello and welcome to yet another rundown of my personal favorites from this month's Southern Living magazine. I found so many things of interest so I will really try to tune things to what I loved the most.

Sweets: The eye candy that SL gives us for the inside and outside of our home

I was charmed by the little bit on "Porching" on page 14. They even defined "porching" as relaxing on the porch with nothing to do but wave to the neighbors - aka - people watch. I loved the porch swing hung with rope rather than chain which adds character. I would love to own one of these silver ware caddies from La Plates since we eat dinner on our porch more often than not during the summer. 

"B"  9 1/2" Large Plate in Blue and Burnt RedWhat did you guys think of the monogrammed plate from Kelly Wilson Antiques at the top of page 20? I thought they were a tad pricey but totally dropped this into a craft folder for future projects. A little enamel paint and steady hand could do wonders to an inexpensive plate. They may not be able to be eaten off of but wouldn't they look pretty set out with a place-setting?

Getting the Modern Colonial LookThe New Colonial Southern Kitchen on pages 42-44 was idea inspiring. I loved the large dining bench style barstools that accompanied the kitchen island. I always view a kitchen island with people sitting around chatting while others are working the kitchen. These large barstools were so inviting and comfortable appearing. I could just see my little nut one day sitting up on one working on homework while I busied away with dinner. I also really enjoyed the pale blue and creamy neutrals that highlighted the back bricked wall.

New ClassicI knew the home featured in the Calm and Collected article on pages 94-101 was from Louisiana before I read it on the pages. That wide porch across the front screamed deep south but not as loud vaulted ceiling sunroom. This was one of those houses that while there were many things I would change, I could move in tomorrow and feel like I was living in my own slice of heaven on earth. The colors were soothing and relaxing while still maintaining an air of sophistication.

Treats: Places to travel, shops to see, and all other odds and ends to treat ourselves.

Such a fun detailed article on pages 24, 26, and 28 on visiting Savannah. It is a beautiful city with so many intricacies. There are details on things to see, eat, and where to stay. My dear husband and I have never stayed overnight but have heard great things about the AVIA and the Westin Savannah Harbor. I am definitely tearing out the article to save since Savannah is just a quick hour trip away from our favorite: Saint Simon's Island.

RUFFLED SCOOP NECKUm, hello ruffle dress on page 78. I think we were destined to know each other. I could dress you up, dress you down, and wear you all over town.  I am sad to say that it is back ordered until mid-may, but maybe the nice people over at Southern Frock will slip me one in the mail. Hmmm, I guess I better not be holding my breath.

Eats: Pages and pages of delicious recipes.

What can I say? I really love my sweets and starches - like any good southern girl - of course!

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