Thursday, May 5, 2011

Deep South Party: Royal Wedding Viewing

I do apologize that this post has been so late. Me and my computer have been having some words and not the good kind. Something along the lines of editing all the pictures and then realizing that they didn't save right....twice. Not that there was much to do with the photos as 4 am provides optimal lighting for pictures...cough...cough.

This party was so much fun. I am so thankful that my mom put together such a memorable night. I don't think my husband would have understood all the ooohing and ahhhing had we been watching it at home together. A room full of girls was oooohing and ahhhhing in surround sound.

The Decor
Adorable bunting, union jacks, and assorted printables made my mom's house feel festive and exciting.

The Sweets
There were tea muffins, crumpets also called crumblettes on the package (or what my mom thought was trumpets), shortbread cookies in the shape of crowns, cranberry scones, fresh fruit, and a beautiful mini wedding cake that the lady made for nothing (I think she thought we might be a little crazy when we explained what is was for and took pity on us).

The Savory and Satisfying
Assortment of hot tea, champagne punch toast (champagne and cranberry raspberry juice with a raspberry at the bottom), assorted tea sandwiches: cucumber, turkey and with a cran-nut mayo, and ham and swiss.

Our Official Party Pack
Tiara (of course), trivia quiz, broadcast bingo, and an official wedding program.

I wished that there was a royal wedding every few years so that we could have this party over and over. At the end of the day I guess what makes it so special is the rare occurrence.

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  1. This was the best memory! Now I know where you inherited your gift of hostessing from!