Thursday, March 31, 2011

Deep South Party: POP! Baby Shower Part 1

This past fall I learned that one of my best friends, Erin, was expecting twins. I have been dreaming since of the perfect shower for this special friend. She is more fun loving than frills and I was searching to find something outside the norm. My favorite bloggers over at Lullaby Lubbock featured this adorable blue and green Pop! baby shower for their friend. (They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - so I guess they should be SUPER flattered). My mom and I called each other almost at the same time because we both just knew this would be perfect for Erin's shower.

Part 1: The Perfect Invitation

I think the invite for a party sets the tone in so many ways. It gives you a color scheme, fonts to play with and the general direction things are going. It is sort of my version of a "mood board" (really dislike that) that remains functional. I would have loved to have someone create something custom, but since I don't have unlimited funds I went with a blank invite at Paper Affair that I could take home and print myself.

Note to self: don't buy invites with horizontal stripes ever again. Trying to get these bad boys to print straight was killer. There may or may not have been tears but my dear husband had me laughing in no time:
He picked up one of the crooked invites and held it tilted at an odd angle and said "if they just hold it like this it looks really straight".
I am all about special touches for showers and parties. One of my favorite things is to pick a book appropriate to the party, children's book for baby shower, recipe book or marriage advice book for wedding shower, etc. I then tape or glue the invite to a blank page in the front and allow people to sign or write notes for a guest book. It is then always and forever a memory of the special celebration the guest of honor can take home and savor!

Premier Prints Zig Zag Village Blue-4

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  1. i love that invite!! and i just love that you loved the shower and want to copy it! we absolutely love that. I cant wait to see the pics of the rest of the shower!! and twins! I love it!