Friday, March 25, 2011

Bloggers... We're Just Like You

Sometimes I read blogs and think....
Wow, they've really got it all together
Man, I wish I had an indispensable budget to decorate.

Someone once asked me...
"How is your house so clean all the time?"
"How can you cook so much for your family?"

My list could go on and on, but in reality... I am just like you.

I was inspired by my college friend over at Aspiring Kennedy (I am totally guilty of drooling over her life in England - really looks like luxury to me - total compliment) to share a little reality. I think I might make this a regular habit.

Back story: getting ready to take a picture of our dinner for the good ol' blog last night and couldn't help but die laughing at the reality of the picture. So.... I thought I would zoom out and take a few steps back and give a glimpse to the madness behind the zoomed in, perfectly edited food picture. Seriously I was cackling over how disastrous my kitchen was, and the good news is this is a pretty much daily occurrence. I am pretty much a miracle worker when I know people are coming over.

Ah, lets see here...
  • A little nail head trim anyone?
  • How about three different types of salad dressings left out - one for each family member?
  • A home depot bag with liquid sander and spray paint - good kitchen essentials you know?
  • Candle that is down to its last 1/2 inch and I just can't stand to throw away candles
  • Tervis tumbler that might as well be glued to my side because it already sees all of my life
  • Blender yet to be washed from strawberry sour cream ice cream prep (which is freezing in the ice cream maker making the loudest noise known to man - nothing says yay dinner with what sounds like rocks tumbling in the background)
If only I could pan the camera to the breakfast area that currently has chairs with no cushions - a truly good look and super efficient for dinnertime. You know because we just assumed we could eat outside on the porch all week until the cushions were finished - nice surprise with the frigid unable to eat temps last night!

So if you are off reading some one's blog and feel a little down and out... just think about the zoom out and what is the reality behind the picture!

Just keeping it real!

Speaking of stress. hahaha...go check out the One Thousand Gifts Chapter 8 Discussion. Great thoughts about stress and how we overcome in a Godly fashion.

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