Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Sweet Life: Bloom Book Club: You're Already Amazing Chapter Two

I hope you all are enjoying You're Already Amazing.
I am finding it to be such a thought-provoking and enriching book.
I know I am far behind the Bloom schedule...but hey that is real life!

You're Already Amazing Chapter Two Printable

These are a few of my favorite quotes from Chapter Two:

"...the desire to know who we really are has been placed within us by the heart of heaven itself. God wants us to understand who he created us to be so that we can fulfill the purpose he has for our lives."

"...God has physically wired me with strengths that let me fulfill his purpose for my life. And he helps me do so by strategically creating certain weaknesses too. It gives "power made perfect in weakness" (2 Corinthians 12:9) a whole new meaning. Our divinely created strengths (fueled by God's power) are actually supported by our weaknesses, because if we were good at everything, we wouldn't focus on much of anything."

"The goal is not perfection. It's simply to be in an intimate relationship with Christ each day, fully embrace who he created us to be, and seek to fulfill the purpose he has for us. He is our greatest strength...the One who enables us to live out all the other strengths he has placed within us."

All quotes from You're Already Amazing by Holly Gerth

What has been your favorite part of the book so far (even if you are actually on track with the reading schedule)?

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