Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Sweet Kitchen: Side Dish...Dish

I am totally a dinnerware person. As in I could continue to amass quantities of dinnerware that would surpass my kitchen's ability of containment. When it comes to serveware I am much the it! With Thanksgiving around the corner, I couldn't help but scour the internet for some great finds for your buffet table!

Remember to think outside the box when it comes to serving your side dishes. Bowls are always my go-to because they are easy and contain the item well. Trays are great for grilled or roasted veggies and even a stack of potatoes. You can even dress up your casseroled veggies in unique casserole dishes or individual casseroles in ramekins.

1. Romantisk Tray - Ikea
2. Terrain Serveware Large Bowl - West Elm
3. Antique Ironstone Lidded Veggie Bowl - Pottery Barn
4. Sqaure Serving Bowl - Crate and Barrel
5. Marin White Centerpiece Bowl - Crate and Barrel

1. Calvia Serving Bowl - Anthropologie
2. Hamptons Yellow Serving Bowl - Crate and Barrel
3. Barbar Tray - Ikea
4. Trygg Bowl - Ikea
5. Dogwood Serving Bowl - Anthropologie

1. Emile Henry Ramekins Azure - Sur La Table
2. Cambridge Baker with Rack - Crate and Barrel
3. Spode Baking Days Baker in Green - Amazon
4. Wave-Edge Baker - Sur La Table
5. Large Holiday Baker - Crate and Barrel

What dishes are you loving this season?

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  1. May I just mention how much I love Anthropologie! My favorite serving dish is a granny smith green pasta bowl because it makes everything look inviting! But I have to be honest, more than dishes, I'm yearning for a true roasting pan. I have a pewter platter that's perfect for roasted birds, but a roasting pan would help for the final presentation!

  2. I agree that the right dish can make the food sooo much more appealing. I have yet to roast a whole bird. Maybe next time you are in town you can give me lessons! I do swoon over Calphalon's Roasting Pans.