Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Deep South Home: 30-Minute Project

The little nut in my life rarely naps these days. At 3 (and a half - per little nut), naps are just wasting time. What then does a girl do on the rare occasion that nut actually takes a nap? My heart says nap, read or catch up on tv, but my crazy brain says knock out a project on the to-do list. 

The jack and jill bath is a LONG work in progress as it will not be painted until I paint some other more important rooms. Nonetheless it still needs a little sprucing up. There was an old brown shower curtain hanging out in the closet, so I gave it a little 30-minute makeover magic.

  • shower curtain
  • shower rings
  • at least 3 yards of ribbon (I would have preferred to have 4-5)
  • scissors
  • lighter

1. Lay your shower curtain out in a large area. Make sure it doesn't need the wrinkles steamed out.

2. Cut 12, 8-inch strips of ribbon (if using 4 yards cut 12 inch strips). Using a wide, large-patterned ribbon will be more visually appealing.

3. Finish the ends as you prefer whether or diagonal or inverted "v".

4. Sear the ends of your ribbon to prevent fraying with your lighter. I always do this near a sink as I am a fraidy-cat.

5. Attach your rings to the shower curtain, liner, and rod. I love these rings because they are a lot less cumbersome.

6. Tie your ribbon in a knot around the ring. Allow the accent color to show primarily by working the ribbon to face out. Repeat with remaining 11 rings.

7. Hang your rod and smile. 

8. Now go nap, read, or catch up on tv until your little nut wakes up! Or you can always make this pie!

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