Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Sweet Kitchen: What's on the Menu?

I just wrapped up 4 shifts out of the last 5 days at the the hospital and whew you should see the bags under my eyes! I asked my Mark last night how in the world I used to do this on a weekly basis and he reminded me that I didn't have a child then and I would sleep until about 10 every day....oh yeah those were the days. Nothing says rest like getting home from work at midnight and waking up with the sweet 3 year old at 7 am. Needless to say I am having to move one of last week's meals to this week.

Monday (Work Night): Leftovers - aka dad has to fend for himself because I am too tired to think about cooking
Tuesday: Stuffed Pizza Rolls, Salad, and Fruit
Wednesday: Chicken Danielle, Linguine, and Garlicky Green Beans
Thursday (Work Night): Grecian Pork Tenderloin, Lemon Horseradish New Potatoes, Steamed Broccoli
Friday: Dinner with the Family
Saturday: Hot Dogs, Oven Fries, Baked Beans and Fruit
Sunday: Small Group Picnic 

What about you? Is it a crazy week and you are just making do or is it a relaxed week and you are trying out something new?

Link up with a comment and let me know!

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