Thursday, February 10, 2011

Deep South Home: Jack and Jill Bath

One of the things that made me fall in love with our current house is the jack and jill bath upstairs. It is designed so that it can only be accessed from the two bedrooms and provides plenty of space for our little nut and one day another nut to share a bathroom. 

Unfortunately the shower and toilet area has been neglected in terms of design. Partly because no one has to see it right now, but mostly because having an empty "future nursery" on the other end can prove daunting when coming up with a color scheme that will eventually incorporate another room. I have now adapted the mindset of "who cares" and have decided to give that bathroom a little love.

My little nuts room is a beautiful display of soothing ballet slipper pinks, cherry tree pinks, and a deep espresso brown. It is all about the fabrics and prints in her room. One day when I feel like it, I will post a picture for you all to see. The fabric that was originally her crib skirt, now long gone, was an awesome embroidered chocolate brown silk. It had pink, green, aqua, and yellow flowers embroidered all over. I have been wondering for quite some time now what to do with the crib skirt since it cost a fortune and I still LOVE it. I saw this picture over at Design Dazzle and was completely smitten.
I just love the aqua-cherry pink combo. I immediately went into the creative process as soon as I saw this. My plan is to take the silk crib skirt and make it into a ruffle for the bottom of a tall shower curtain and use the rest for a little cafe curtain on the window above the toilet (seriously it is a large window to go right above a toilet). Next I want to paint the bathroom one of these adorable shades from the Martha Stewart paint collection. They are Enamelware (lighter shade) and Sunken Pool (darker shade). I am leaning towards the darker shade while my husband prefers the light. I am hoping to win this debate!

Incandescent light up top and daylight below. There is a great wire rack with hooks in the garage that is going to get a fresh coat of brown paint to go on the wall and hang towels. Now let the accessory collecting begin! It is going to be so fun to continue sharing these home improvement projects with you all as I go. Remember I am quick to create and slow to follow through!! Leave me a comment telling me what projects you are thinking of tackling in your own home.

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