Thursday, June 30, 2011

Deep South Home: Bargain Finders

If there were a bad blogger award, I would be the winner.

My excuses....
Nurse Clip Art
I have been doing a lot of this... you know bringing new life into the world and all.
Trying to make a minuscule dent in my ever growing basket of books. I am going to try to do a little book review once a month if you are interested.
Enjoying the waves and sand between my toes while we prepare for the 4th.

In between all of this, my parents found me a deal that could not be beat.
You remember my quest for a chalkboard wall, right?
How about a chalkboard to hang on the wall that can come with us whenever we move?
Beadboard Message Boards
Ballard Designs Originally $399
Ballard Designs Backroom $30 in perfect condition.
I cannot wait to hang this 83" by 53" beauty in the upstairs landing. It is especially sweet with the extra $369 in my pocket!
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