Monday, October 17, 2011

The Sweet Kitchen: What's on the Menu?

Do you ever have times in your life that seem completely out of control? The last few weeks since our return from Italy have been absolutely out of control. We have had company retreats, kidney stones, food poisoning (not from my own cooking), high fevers and a 30th birthday for my dear husband. There is nothing I have wanted more than to sit down and blog a ton of fun stuff out to you guys. I think I have finally come up for air and am ready to return to the ol' blog.

Weekly Menu Inspiration: Deep South Eats Pinterest Pins

Monday: Leftovers (there is some serious fridge cleaning out to be done)
Tuesday: Chicken Soup with White and Wild Rice, Spinach Salad with Fresh Raspberries, and Cheese Muffins
Wednesday: Mongolian Beef, Brown Rice, and Sweet and Sour Broccoli
Thursday: Brown Sugar and Balsamic Glazed Pork Loin (slow cooker - woohoo), Cheesy Corn Casserole and Green Beans
Friday (Work Night): Leftovers
Saturday (Work Night): Daddy & Daughter Date Night Out while I deliver sweet babies at the hospital
Sunday: Small Group Meal

What are you all cooking this week and what is inspiring you?

On the blog menu for tomorrow: A Tale of Two Potatoes (mashed that is).

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