Thursday, September 1, 2011

Deep South Party: Coffee and Donuts Shower Part Two: The Decorations

Once the theme was decided upon for this shower, I went about scouring the internet for inspiration. Unfortunately, the only coffee and donut showers I could find were for wedding showers and were very frou-frou. I personally am not huge on frills and lace for baby showers unless it fits the personality of the guest of honor. I was so excited when I came across this great fabric by Michael Miller. It was all I needed to get the ball rolling on decoration ideas.

Michael Miller fabric Yummy donuts coffee cups (per 0.5M multiple)

It is perfect to use fabric as the center of your inspiration because it gives you a color palette and a specific look/theme. I ordered about 3 yards of the fabric so that I would have ample to use for decorating.

A cute door hanger to greet guests. Four pieces of card stock folded accordion style and then folded in half to give a circle.

One yard of fabric hanging from the top of the board and batten. Gives the table a pop of color without much effort. 

Letters from Hobby Lobby were painted in espresso brown were then trimmed in ground coffee using glue and a very steady hand.

I cut another yard and a half of the coffee and donut fabric into halves and placed them as runners across the center of the buffet table and breakfast room table.

Coffee beans in vases work great with fresh roses trimmed of their leaves. The room smelled absolutely wonderful and the height of the flowers was beautiful. This is such an inexpensive way to display flowers although they will not last long since they are out of water. You could also place taper candles down into the coffee beans for a nice look (but watch them closely).

I love to make these pennant banners for all different occasions. I have found the easiest way to assemble them is to use a rectangle punch on each of the corners and thread the ribbon through each triangle. You can play with threading across the front of the triangles or across the back for different looks. This is much quicker than sewing and looks so much nicer than stapling the pennants to the ribbon.

I am so sad that I missed pictures of the entry table and the breakfast room table. The entry table had thank you note envelopes for guests to address making things very easy for the thank you note writer. There was also a copy of Arnie the Doughnut for guests to write a note on the inside pages. Using fun children's books as a guest book is such a nice way to give your guest of honor a wonderful keepsake (cookbooks are great for wedding showers too). I like to glue a copy of the invitation into the front of the book to add to the keepsake value.

The breakfast table had a runner of fabric and a really large donut. The large donut was made by laying my coffee filter wreath on the table and placing sponge rollers painted in bright colors as sprinkles.

In case you missed it, check out Part One. And check back tomorrow for Part Three: The Fun

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