Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Deep South Party: Coffee and Donuts Shower Part One: The Food and Drinks

Upon finding out my good friend Sarah was expecting, I was excited to tackle another fun shower. I really love to make showers and parties personal instead of the typical swagger. Since Sarah and her husband Michael are often seen on Sunday mornings at church with a fresh mug of coffee in their hands, what is more perfect than a Coffee and Donuts Shower? 

Babies do tend to make you sleepy...and lots of coffee is necessary to keep awake from feeding to feeding during the day....and since we are showering Sarah with gifts for the nursery, why not PERK up the nursery? At the end of the day, I really had SO much fun planning this shower. From the invite, the food and coffee, decor, to the fun that was had by all I would say it was a tremendous success!

Coffee and Donuts Shower Part One
The Food and Drinks

The amazing display of food thanks to all my great friends helping out!

You definitely cannot have a Coffee and Donuts shower without an incredible tower of Krispy Kremes. 

These beauties are from none other than Sara Doughnuts (yes that is Sara and not Sara's). They have an amazing selection of cake donuts and we went with (from top to bottom) blueberry cake, strawberry cake, and devil's food cake. Over the last few days I have tried each of them and they are incredible. I am a little partial to the blueberry cake.

 Of course, we had to keep it a little healthy with a selection of fresh fruit.

These mini breakfast casseroles (aka meat muffins) were the perfect compliment to all the sugary sweet. I will have to get Melodye to post these on her blog so you can enjoy the deliciousness. PS: they freeze well for a hot breakfast on the go.

What is a Coffee and Donuts shower without a deluxe coffee bar? Two Keurigs allowed guests to quickly get a hot cup of coffee and choose from an assortment of flavors. 

Assorted Donut Shop Coffees:
Regular, Decaf, Cinnamon Roll and my personal favorite Chocolate Glazed Donut

The coffee bar was revved up with some Torani syrups in Toasted Marshmallow, French Vanilla, Peppermint, and Sugar Free Brown Sugar Cinnamon. Of course we had to have some Splenda (the yella stuff) and sugar cubes (as my daughter says: they are just sooooo cute).

I almost missed this picture, but grabbed it towards the end of the shower. For those non-coffee drinkers (crazy people I tell you) we had some ice water with lemon and an Apple Julep punch from Southern Plate. I loved the Apple Julep and froze the leftovers to enjoy later down the road,

Check back tomorrow for Part Two: The Decor.
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  1. SO cute! I love looking at your shower ideas and decorations... so creative! :)

  2. Love this!! Went to college with both Sarah and Michael. Love them both!!

  3. Oh my word Rachel, your blog is so cute and inspiring. I'm totally digging this baby shower. So creative!