Thursday, November 11, 2010

Deep South Home: Learning to Love Laundry (or at least like)

I am so excited to try the recipes that were submitted. Look for each of them in next week's meal plan with a winner announced on Monday, November 22. The good news is that with three entries, each of you will automatically win a prize!

In my ever amounting laundry pile I have learned so much. I have lessened my amounting hatred for laundry day and even found ways to expedite the process and become increasingly efficient. Today, I pass on to you a completely random list of ten of my laundry tips.

1. If possible for your schedule designate a laundry day. This will require you to have enough pairs of underwear to make it through a week - such a crazy thought! Having a laundry day allows you to get it done in one clean sweep rather than having the need to do laundry always looming over your head. I declare Sunday my laundry day. This way our family starts off the week with fresh clothes and whatever needs to head to the dry cleaners can go on Monday.

2. Sort , sort and sort again. Our piles look a little bit like this: delicates, lights (whites, light yellows, light greys, creams), darks (jeans, blacks, browns, purples, blues, greens), colors (with the nut around it is mostly pink pink and a little more pink), and household (dishtowels and bibs). Delicates are first in the line up because most of them have to dry flat or drip dry. Doing them first allows them ample drying time so they can be ironed and put away with all the other clothes. I always save the household laundry for last because somehow it makes me feel better that my clothes aren't swimming around after the stuff with food bits go for a swim.

3. Which ways is right ways? Turn everything right side out - especially socks. This cuts down SO much time on folding and ironing.

4. Do the zip and snap. Zip all your zippers up before washing with other articles of clothing. Those little metal tangs can do a number on T-shirts and the like. Go ahead and button the top button of your pants and such before they head into the wash to keep those zippers up and cut down on ironing time.

5. Containment. Those little mesh bags for lingerie and the like are also great for holding socks. It is amazing to actually have all the socks have a pair when you pull them out of these bad boys. I can't say enough about mesh bags. I usually have three on hand. That way one is in the wash with a load and then follows it to the dryer, one is in the dryer and can come out for folding time and the third is on deck for the next load. They are very cheap and can even be found at your local grocery store.

6. Did you know? Not to long after their purchase, we had to have our front loaders serviced. Oh the things I learned from these service men. The next three points will include them. First, your washer only requires about 2 Tablespoons max of detergent. Run your washer once with nothing in it and no detergent. Shine a flashlight in that bad boy and take note of how many sudsy bubbles are swishing around. Front loaders retain a lot of residue from detergent so cutting down on the detergent helps this problem significantly. If you have ever noticed a very slight mildewy smell on your clothing - this is usually the culprit.

7. Give the tub a clean. Run the clean cycle once a month on your washer and then leave the door open overnight to dry out. This reduces detergent residue and mildew smells. The service men recommends Affresh tablets with a little bit of bleach in the bleach drawer. While they are hard to find I have been super happy with the Affresh tablets. They also make a Grit Grabber which is a wipe you run around the rubber part where the door seals to get rid of the yuckies.

8. In the front load dryers (especially LG) you are not recommended to use dryer sheets. You will find they can get stuck and make a lovely noise and then you get to meet said service men. They will also become decoration for your flower beds where they will be perpetually blown. The service men said this was written in the manual but for this OCD girl I never found those instructions. Instead they recommended using a small amount of fabric softener in your washer drawer.

9. So I am a little bit addicted to having ironed clothes, but don't really like to iron. Conflict. Overtime, I am slowly learning that if I can't get to ironing right away I need to hang up the clothes right away rather than shoving them in an overflowing basket. My husband can attest that I am still learning this fact.

10. Learn to iron a dress shirt. This is a great link and such a great skill to learn: Real Simple: How to Iron a Dress Shirt

Now go and wash, dry, fold and iron! Post a comment if you have a laundry tip!

with Belle and Beauxs

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