Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer Bucket List 2012: Cupcake Baking

Baking Cupcakes with Mommy
Narrated by Belle Reiboldt, age 4

 "I am turning the oven on, so we can cook it"
 "Puttin' those cups in the pan....there were 12"

 "Mix-ded the sprinkle know mom...make the cupcakes"

 "Stirring it with the blender....zzzzzzz"
 "We lick-ded the FAVORITE part"

 "We put-ded them in the things with the was MESSY"

 "The cupcakes before the oven"

 "I set-ded the timer for 20 was a LONG wait"

 "I'm looking at the cupcakes up in the oven"

 "Licking my finger with taste-ded like cot-ton candy"

"I'm doing that thing...putting the icing on it"

 "Look at my cupcake"

 "Eating my cupcake....I don't really know"

"It has cupcakes mom"

What fun we are having checking off our Summer Bucket List 2012.
They may be things that we do often and some things are not.
At the end of the day we are having fun and spending purposeful time together!

What are you putting on your Summer Bucket List?

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