Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tap Tap Tap....Is this thing on?

I do apologize for the unexpected and unannounced blogger silence. I know you all have been waiting on the edge of your seats (sarcasm). Christmas got the best of me and as soon as I was gearing up some great posts for you guys we rounded out 2010 with a lovely stomach virus.

So back in the saddle again! Today, I am going to round up the giveaway with an opportunity to enter all day long the drawing tonight at 10:00pm EST. Your last entry option is: What is your New Year's Resolution? If you have none just say "I wanna win".

I am never much of a new year's resolution kind of girl - why set yourself up for failure. Due to some things that have gone on this fall, I have allowed myself to pack on some serious poundage (that and cooking delicious meals for you guys). I have made some very small but obtainable goals for this year. I broke down the weight loss in 5 pound increments with rewards of growing excitement the more I lose. I also am training to run a 5k (yeah not much for some but a lot for this girl) on February 26 in Saint Simon's. If I do good there I will see about a half marathon but remember attainable is my goal this year. My third personal goal is to not over committ myself this year and be quick to remember priorities rather than people please!

One thing I love to do each year is pick three home resolutions. I don't pick something like "I want to keep my house more clean". Yeah, we would all like to do that. I pick three projects to complete.
1. Finish decorating the living room (I will share all my decision choices with you guys)
2. Hang shelving and super organize master closet (If you have been allowed into the domain that is my closet you understand this is a BIG job)
3. Buckle down and call the guy for our plantation shutters - money is there just overwhelmed at the expense!!

So tell me what do you resolve? Home, personal, work I want to hear it!!

Giveaway is for a 1 year subscription of Motivated Moms (not necessarily for moms) to help you make time to keep your house neat and clean without being overwhelmed. Up at 10:00 pm EST


  1. Hmmm...this is kind-of a lame New Year's Resolution, but here goes - I am trying to spread out the cleaning/house projects so that I pick ONE thing to do every day, rather than waiting to do everything on the weekend. Last night we folded 4 loads of laundry, tonight it's cleaning the master bathroom, etc. We'll see how long this lasts. :)

  2. One of my small resolutions this year is to make a habit of putting things away at home when I'm finished using them. It sounds silly but with a new little one in the house the clutter builds up quickly & the house looks like a war zone by lunch time....baby steps, right?
    Steph V

  3. Paint the kitchen!!! I've been wanting to do it for 2 years and I've finally found the color. Then, I want to re-upholster the kitchen chairs. And find fabric for window treatments.
    So basically - my new years resolution is to make my kitchen prettier. ;)

  4. My new years resolution is to learn how to sew using my new sewing machine. I want to try and make some clothes for Sophi and some baby gifts for expectant mommies. My goal is not only to learn but KEEP DOING IT after I learn instead of it becoming one more thing "i tried!"