Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Sweet Life: My Slice of Heaven

This week, I am holing up at the beach house with a close friend enjoying a mini-vacation and letting go of the details of real life. It is wonderful to have uninterrupted and limitless play time with my little nut and enjoy the laughter of a well-matched friendship.

I feel that my readers need a little taste of what makes Saint Simons my slice of heaven. In no particular order...
The ever-changing tidal beach. I have never seen a beach quite as different at low and high tide, but you feel as if you have stepped on a different beach each time you go out. It is perfect for setting up "camp" for the day on the scorching hot summer days, and kids love having so much area to run free.

The live oaks draped in Spanish moss. Nuff said.

 Looking down our street every morning. Nothing like a hot cup of coffee, sitting out on the porch and feeling the breeze through the trees (or when it is super hot and muggy you can work up a nice sweat while sitting still before 830 in the morning).

Great fresh, hole-in-the-wall Mexican food. Whether you eat in or carry out, Bubba Garcia's does not disappoint. Seating is limited and you might end up sitting out on a stool under a tree to eat (Missy) but it is totally worth it.

Best salad dressings. I could go and just eat Crabdaddy's salad and bread.

Meo's Suite is the cutest store in the village. They carry very affordable, trendy dresses in every color and style. I would compare it to a Francesca's collection on a local level.

Southern Soul Barbecue is a house standard round here. They burned down in 2010 and kept on serving from a trailer. Now rebuilt they are better than ever and the old gas station on the round about has never looked better!

The cutest children's clothing on the face of the earth. Bailey Boys was actually started here and now has a huge store and outlet center. If I had a limitless clothing budget for the nut she would be dressed every day in their finery.

I guess I could go on and on because there are so many things I love about this little slice of the South. Hopefully one day you too will bring your family to this deep south island and make wonderful memories.


  1. So jealous! I do love me some Bubba Garcia's! Hope to make it back there sometime. Enjoy your mini vacation :)

  2. Oh man...after 4 days straight of working late, I could use some ocean breeze. You girls enjoy it for me!