Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Deep South Manual: February Edition

I have a light love affair with Southern Living (SL). Someday I dream they will come and makeover my home for one of their great before and after pieces. In the meantime, I will drool over their pages and lavish you with my favorites in form of Sweets, Treats, and Eats.

Sweets: The eye candy that SL gives us for the inside and outside of our home.

I love the kitchen, eating area, and living room redo from pages 57-60. They took a kitchen and breakfast nook that was dark and dank and brightened it with great neutrals. I could hardly believe this was the same kitchen except for comparing the window in the nook. I am enamored with the  L-shaped banquette with storage under the seats. Opening up the wall between the kitchen and living space make it appear some airy and roomy.

I am not huge on gardening but have very high aspirations. Maybe one day I will commit to doing more than the mowing and edging and up the curb appeal of our beds with some of the container roses featured on page 14. I dream of having the ability to grab some fresh flower cuts from the garden rather than fresh cuts from the grocery.
                                                         Camellia Windowsill
Does anyone want to come over and help me plant some of the eye-popping Camellias seen on pages 67-68. I have been eyeing my yard for a great spot with partial shade that drains well. What can I say the writers say once they are established they are quite drought tolerant -- just my type

The ReDesigning Women featured on pages 92-97 make me want to jump up and throw this computer aside and go work on the four pieces of furniture calling my name in may garage. "Redo me...Redo me...Redo me.." Can't you hear them?

Treats: Places to travel, shops to see, and all other odds and ends to treat ourselves.

Who knew that Molly Sims had a jewelry line? On pages 45 and 49, her mother and her show their fashion choices to accompany pieces from her Grayce jewelry line. Her pieces are classic and timeless while still having a little pizazz. While they may not me in my day-to-day price range I will certainly be keeping my eye out for similar pieces.
   The Big Bad WolfLetterpress Pink XOXO small Note Cards
The Valentine Gift Ideas on pages 20-21 are precious. The trio of red and white bow ties from Lumina Clothing are awesome (hint dear husband may see one of these coming his way). The Hugs and Kisses note cards from Pocket Creative would be awesome for slipping notes into the dear husbands briefcase for encouragement and laughs during a busy work day. While a little expensive you could easily DIY by buying some blank note cards at a craft store and either stamping, stickering or hand lettering across the top. That garnet ring from jeweler Nina Nguyen is a stunner in subtlety and style.

I could eat one of each of the chocolates featured on pages 19 but Weight Watchers would probably dismiss me from their program, and my likelihood of me getting a success story in their magazine would be nil (not far from where I am now).

Eats: Pages and pages of delicious recipes.

Either I have a propensity for nuts right now, and no I am not talking about crazy people, or it must be very trendy. There were a great deal of nutty recipes that looked delicious. Check out these recipes on SL recipe website: My Recipes:

Pick one of these recipes you would like me to try out and feature and leave it in the comments. I left a few of the links blank so that you can go look them up and see the wonderful resource of MyRecipes.com

If you are not already a SL subscriber but are looking for a fabulous monthly magazine I highly recommend it. Note that I get no compensation by recommending this read, but the satisfaction of others seeing the pride of the South.

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  1. I would love for you to try the Chicken cutlets with pecan sauce. Sounds yummy!