Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sweets from the Bookshelf: The Help

Fruit Fly Invasion 2011...dislike
Getting my chipped tooth fixed this morning...dislike
Having a new recipe completely bomb last night...dislike

Finishing reading The Help while at the beach last loved!
The Help

I am not a fantastic book reviewer, but this is in my Top 10 favorite books. Completing 480something pages in 4 days is no easy feat. I laughed, I cried (which I know is totally cliche). I felt like I knew the characters and could picture them. I loved the bravery of Miss Skeeter and the spunk of Minny. I was able to understand a little what life was like in the south for my mother as a very young girl, and ask her questions about those times.

I cannot wait to see the characters come to life in the movie this August!

What books are you loving this summer?

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