Monday, February 14, 2011

The Sweet Kitchen: Whats on the Menu?

Well I was busy working on a post about how to do Valentine's Day in a simple way but still make it special. Halfway through typing that booger out I realized that it would sort of be a day late buck short sort of situation. Oh well, maybe some of you will stick around to hear it next year around Valentine's Day.

On to more important things...I'd like to reinstate what's on the menu. This time though I would love for you other bloggers to copy the picture above, make a post on your blog and then leave me a comment. This way I can go read about all of your lovely menus and be inspired!!

Monday 2/14: Filet with Red Wine Reduction, Parmesan Risotto, Caesar Salad (a little Valentine's surprise for my dear husband - shhh don't tell)
Tuesday 2/15 (Work Night): Buffalo Chicken Salads (using leftover buffalo chicken strips from Sunday lunch out) and Sliced Grapes
Wednesday 2/16: Spaghetti with Meat Sauce and Garlic Green Beans
Thursday 2/17 (Work Night): Broccoli Cheddar Soup with Ham, Crusty French Rolls, and Apple Slices
Friday 2/18: Almond Chicken and Rice Casserole, Corn Kernels, and Sugared Raspberries
Saturday 2/19 (Work Night): Leftovers/Clean out the fridge
Sunday 2/20: Make-up Small Group Meal

Let me know if you would like to see any of these recipes featured and I would love to pass them on to you and your family. I am planning to showcase a Quiche Lorraine recipe that I am taking to our brunch at Community Bible Study. Don't forget to check out the Chapter Three Discussion of One Thousand Gifts if you missed!

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  1. MMM Almond Chicken and Rice Casserole sounds yum! Please share :)

  2. can you just make them & ship them to me? :) i get sooo over cooking sometimes!

  3. Um...totally stealing the Buffalo Chicken Salad idea since we have the same leftovers. Good idea.

  4. Lauren - I will definitely share the Almond Chicken (look for it this weekend or early next week).
    Lauren of the Aspiring Kennedy variety - I will actually come across the pond, fix your meals, and stock your freezer if you promise to come and glam my life up a bit!