Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Louisiana Purchase Deep South Sweets' Style

My dear husband on the levee in front of our weekend purchase. Big spenders - eh?

Just kidding, but the mister and I did head off to NOLA for a business trip turned weekend getaway. He was a speaker at a large conference there this past weekend and I tagged along for fun and games. The last time I had visited the crescent city was when I was in 4th grade and my dad took me on a walk down Bourbon Street after dark. Lets just say that the images are still burned into my brain! 

The first day we arrived in the morning and located our hotel in the warehouse district. I loved the views of the lofts and flats that people had made into their permanent homes. It was a more quiet and quaint part of the city but walking distance from the French Quarter. 

We left the hotel and made our way over to the French Quarter. The smells and sights haven't changed much but the atmosphere is fun and carefree. We had a authentic Cajun lunch at Pierre Masperos. I am not to the level of taking pictures of my food before eating yet because I am a dig in and devour kind of girl. I lunched on Red Beans and Rice with Grilled Andouille. It was amazingly creamy and smooth with all the right spices. The Andouille was just enough to kick it up a bit. The large pieces of french bread were perfect for sopping up the last bits of red beans that were lacking in rice counterparts. The Mister enjoyed a Gator Po-Boy which satisfied his desire to "eat some gator" in his words.

After putting in some serious walking around the quarter including the infamous Bourbon street, we made our way back to the hotel for a little rest and pitiful LSU football. What better to raise us from our game day depression we took a cab over to Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse for a reservation the Mister made the week prior. The atmosphere was typical of a steakhouse but the service was impeccable. It was eye catching to watch the dance of their waitstaff along the expanse and I mean expanse of the eating area. 

I ate the typical steakhouse meal. Starting out with a steakhouse salad that was dressed in a delicious green peppercorn dressing. Very similar to a Caesar salad with a lot more punch. My main course was an 8-oz Filet cooked perfectly to medium with a side of Bearnaise sauce. The seasoning on the steak carried the Cajun spice you expect without overpowering the meat. All of the dessert choices looked incredible, but unfortunately at that point our two waiters might have needed a wheel barrow to get me out of the establishment. We chose to walk back to the hotel to hopefully burn off the plethora of calories we had just consumed and enjoy the breezy night air.

Day 2 - Plantations and Refineries: Driving Up River Road

with Belles and Beauxs

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