Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Guest Bedroom: Phase One

Dear Deep South Sweets,

My name is guest room and I have been feeling...well...blank lately. All the other rooms have such better "outfits" than me. I am stuck with boring beige. Please help me coordinate and spruce myself up so I may fit in better. I have even heard musings that there is company coming to stay this weekend that might like an actual bed. I know I am asking for you to do a lot in a short period of time, but hey I have faith in you. Let me show you what you will be working with:
This is looking from the doorway. You will see I currently am "dressed" with a sewing table and a office armoire. Can we say B-O-R-I-N-G.... "boring".
Gee this armoire really detracts from my beautiful window. Do you think you might move it to another wall. Who cares that the internet hook ups are on this wall. Have you ever heard of the word disguise?
This is looking from me into my really close friend the guest bathroom. So much work, so little time. Maybe after you enhance me you can move onto my buddy so it doesn't get too jealous.
Wait, what is this? Is this my new wardrobe? You say I am going to get a upholstered, diamond-tufted headboard out of this marine blue suede? I have also heard rumors that the grey on grey clover sham at the top is awaiting the delivery of a matching duvet. I am just thrilled by these chartreuse accent pillows from IKEA. Fancy!
Foam, batting, and pillow forms? Where is the plywood and 1x4s that must be cut to exact dimensions? Oh, you are going to get them tomorrow and drill the tufting holes, adhere the foam, staple the batting and fabric, and hand tuft? Well what are you doing blogging about it? Get to work!


Your Guest Room

*Stay tuned for more updates as I work myself like crazy to get this project semi-completed.

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  1. Oh, I cannot WAIT to see the finished product. I love all the fabrics you picked out! It will be BEEEEAUTIFUL!