Sunday, August 22, 2010

Deep South Saturday

What better to do on a gloomy Saturday morning? Venture to the local farmer's market. I loaded up the little peanut and portable potty training potty (you never know how close the restrooms will be when the nut is "locked and loaded") and headed to pick up a good friend. We travelled a whopping two miles. The farmer's market that we went to is on the small side but provides the perfect variety of stands without being overwhelming.

I picked up some gorgeous peaches that I am hoping to use to make peach and toasted pecan ice cream this week. I was really hoping to find some peaches from my home state, but these beauties were brought in from South Carolina. They also had some delicious looking corn, snap beans, tomatoes and melon. Since this was my first trip to the farmer's market I decided to start small so that I wouldn't have tons of produce to plan my weekly meals around.
This delicious honey whole wheat bread is melt in your mouth good. The lady at the stand was giving full sliced samples accompanied with honey butter. Sweet girl you know just how to sell a Southern girl. I could have licked the butter off the bread and then eaten the bread plain they were both so tasty. Unfortunately, that might have been awkward for my little peanut and my friend. I also indulged and bought some ham and cheese croissants, chocolate croissants and soft pretzels. They were so so so good and now my Weight Watchers account has self combusted. You ask where are the pictures of these treats? They disappeared so quickly that my camera was simply not fast enough.
Last was this awesome salsa my friend recommended. They had about 6 or 7 samplings and this beauty was the right balance of spicy and fresh. It was specially bought for my husband who loves all things spicy. My mouth was on fire and he was like yeah that was so mild I might use it to wash my face.
We rounded out our day with taking the peanut to the aquarium where we celebrated her being potty trained - like the water theme? It was the perfect Saturday and I can't wait to show you my winnings from next week's farmer's market.

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  1. BEST SALSA EVER! Now you know why I have to go every week! HA!

  2. Where is this fancy little market so close?? I may need to go too :)