Thursday, September 9, 2010

Guest Bedroom: Phase Two

I guess that Phase One was truly a phase of acceptance and planning. Accepting that the room was in dire need of help since it wrote a letter of desperation and planning how to execute my ideas within my budget and time allowance.

Phase Two included the creation of the headboard. I used several tutorials from around the internet and combined them to make exactly what I wanted. It started with gathering the supplies necessary for a homemade upholstered headboard. A large sheet of plywood cut to your dimensions, two 1x4's to anchor the headboard to the bed frame, a bed frame, 1-2 inch decorator's foam (save coupons to use for this as it can be very expensive), batting, fabric, staple gun and staples, spray adhesive, and wood screws.

We (yes I called my dear Dad for help) started by measuring and drilling the holes for if I decided to tuft it once it was finished. We then cut the foam to fit the board and sprayed adhesive to adhere the foam to the board. After allowing that to set we laid the batting on the floor and made sure it was very smooth. We laid the foam side of the plywood on top of the batting and then pulled one side of the batting over one side of the board and stapled. In between stapling sides we would stand the board up and smooth out the batting. You should do opposite sides first (like the top and bottom and then side to side) rather than working in a square. This will help you when it is time to finish the corners. Repeat this same procedure with the fabric. Once the entire headboard piece is assembled it is time to measure the bed frame for placement of your 1x4's. These were then screwed down with four, two inch wood screws.

After setting the board up with the bed frame I decided that I would like to apply nail head trim rather than tuft. Because of this decision we have not attached the headboard to the bed frame, but will do that as soon as my nail head trim arrives and is attached.

Without further ado, here is the view from the doorway:
Please excuse the lack of sheets and bed skirt. The sheets were in the wash from our guest staying in the room this weekend. The duvet cover is back ordered until the first of October. I have searched for a decent 21" drop bed skirt, but they are very expensive and not nice looking. Therefore I will resign myself to making my own.
I tried to upload a picture of the nail head I will be using, but it messed up my post.

Phase 3 will include: attaching the nail head trim, sewing an accent pillow for the one seen on the bed (still in its package), and recovering/repainting the desk chair.

Also left to complete in the room: paint, window treatments, accent furniture, lamps, and wall decor.

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