Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Deep South Words to Live By: 2013

I'm back!
What a beautiful whirlwind our family has experienced since I last touched the blog.
Our family has been busy....we grew from three to four in the blink of an eye.
We adopted a precious daughter in October.
I won't be speaking of it too much in the public domain of blog-dom (for privacy and security purposes),
But here and there I will give you glimpses into the story God gave our family of faithfulness.

2012 was BIG.
2013 seems impossible to be any better.
Rather than set unreachable goals for myself this year,
I found a simple phrase of which I aspire to live by in 2013.

Join me back at Deep South Sweets for 2013.
There will be food, Southern fun, and faith.


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  1. Thank goodness you are back! We praise God for all He has done in your family! Love you!